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Rowdy Blueberry is 43.75% Blue Valentine bred.  He is a beautiful roan.  He has produced for us many colors from true blue roan, red roan, bay roan to gray with black mane and tail.  He is a sweet, stallion that has more heart then any other.  He was injured as a colt but thru all the pain and work to recover he never gave up and was a real good patient horse.  That is where he got his nickname, Spunky.  He was full of energy and love the whole way thru.  He passes that love of people and life on to his offspring.  He is a people horse as most of his colts are.  They enjoy your company and want to please you.  He has small ear, good bone, kind eye, heart and disposition.  The traits most are looking for along with a great pedigree.  He is 96.8% FQHR.

Below are many of his offspring.  Take a look.  If you are interested in breeding to Spunky or getting on one his colts,
please give us a call. 

SPUNKYS PEDIGREE - Rowdy BlueBerry Pedigree















 Rowdy Blueberry




This yearling from Candle and Ace is going to be a big boy.  He is very athletic as all of the colts from Ace.  He is very eye catching in person.  Smooth  with a pretty head to boot!  He is a gray with some great bloodlines behind him.  He is
11% Blue Valentine
12% Rowdy Blue Man
And has Jackie Bee, Gooseberry and Haythorn ranch breeding in his lines.
BG -17

This yearling stud colt is from Jackie.  Jackie is a daughter of  our old foundation stallion SNA Smokin Mo.  She has Two Eyed Jack in her lines and Smoke carries Wimpy II, Dan Wilson and Sugar Bars.
 The sire of this yearling is the same as above, Ace with breeding from the Haythorn Ranch.

This colt is very athletic and is a late starter as his dam wasnt milking good with him.  He does have a scar on his face, but it is healing very nicely and shouldnt be very noticeable.



This pretty guy is very eye catching and smooth.  He is growing nicely.  He is athletic and has a pretty head to go along with his moves.
 He is carrying Blue Valetine breeding along with our Sna Smokin MO and the Haythorn ranch breeding.  He should be a good working horse with some time.


This  black gelding is a 5 year old.  He is green broke and ready to put some miles on.  He is Blue Valentine bred.  He is a grandson of Rowdy Blue Man.  He carries 21% Blue Valentine Breeding and 2 Eyed Jack breeding.   He is a sweet heart, friendly boy.  Just needs more time on him. He is a smaller horse around 14.3.  Would make a good kids horse once some  miles were put on him.  He is very gentle.